What are the different ways to include dry fruits in our diet?

Dry fruits are extremely healthy and undoubtedly a great source of umpteen essential micronutrients, which are highly needed for our body. But sometimes, we simply do not understand how to include them in our diet on a regular basis.

Ways To Consume Dry Fruits

  • Salads  − Take a bowl, add boiled macaroni, some salt to taste, some fresh cream or hung curd as per your liking, some olives, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Give it a mix. Now, add chopped raisins and walnuts. Let it cool. You will love this chilled salad with the crunchiness of dry fruits in it.

  • Soups − You may make any soup viz. hot or cold, in the end, if you add powdered dry fruits, it will give a thickness to the soup. Not only the texture improves, but even the aroma beautifies.

  • Cakes − Make different cakes such as almond cake, dates cake. If you do not want to make the cake so heavy, make cakes such as banana cake, plum cake and garnish with dry fruits.

  • Bars − Nowadays, there is a huge trend of healthy and tasty bars. You can make some of these at your home. For example: Make sugar syrup and add your favorite dry fruits to it. Now, take a butter greased dish and then simply pour this dry fruit sugar syrup mixture to the greased plate. Let it cool in the fridge and then take out to eat with milk and coffee.

  • Kheer − Make rice 'kheer' or 'Sabudana Kheer', you can later garnish using silver work and your desired dry fruits.

  • Kulfi − Serve dry fruit Kulfi in a dessert and make the whole family a fan of your cooking.

  • Dry Fruit Milk − Powder some of the dry fruits and add them to a glass of hot milk. Stir it well and consume hot.