What are the different types of stylish bottoms for women which I may not know of?

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Well, there is a new term called Bottom Wear brought widely into use. Also, suggesting a lady new trends in female clothes is like showing light to the Sun. Generally, women get to know the trends through their favorite daily soaps or they are their favorite because they let them have an idea about the latest trends of the world of fashion.

Anyways, since you have asked this question, I have jumbled down a few bottoms wears you must not have heard of (I assume so)

Aladdin Salwar

This piece of cloth sounds pretty familiar, right? Let's remind you of the famous cartoon character named Aladdin who used to wear specially designed pants falling long between legs. However, it has now named as Bangaroo Salwar and is also known as harem pants. Aladdin Salwar has stormed the fashion scene big time and is now very popular among young girls. You might have seen many foreigner fellows roaming around in this outfit because they love this enormously cozy yet stylish stuff.

Cigarette Pants for Retro Gals

Girls with bold temperament must try Cigarette pants in place of common leggings or churidar. They give you the same feeling and fitting of churidar without any chudi. They end up at the ankle and feel extremely pleasing. You can wear them irrespective of the occasion. However, having a modern touch, it goes well with a trendy flared kurti and tail kurti. A decent pair of this outfit will make you look graceful even in office.


Flared culottes have largely been embraced by the fair sex. Whether it is plain, crinkled or printed, women find it quite stylish and fabulous, especially when they pair it with a short and mid-length kurta. Culottes are extremely cozy and they give the impression of a skirt; however, they are pants uniforms for girls mainly to primary and middle schools. This bottom wear has also been a part of the uniform of UK Brownie Guides for a long time and now they are adorning the elegance of the modern women.

Updated on 26-Jun-2020 15:06:02