What are the different types of psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the process of healing the person by eliminating or controlling the disabling or troubling symptoms of the mental disorders and emotional difficulties, the person is facing.

Where Psychotherapy Is Required

The most common problems where Psychotherapy is needed are like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Severe addiction to alcohol or drugs, loss of a loved person, issues with relationships and family, disturbing phobias and Manias etc. along with some types of medical illness and trauma.

Although there are many types of therapies, following are the most basic and common therapies:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Also known as CBT, this is a common therapy which helps the person to identify the harmful and impractical thoughts and actions and assists them to replace with purposeful and accurate functional thoughts and behaviors that are more realistic. This therapy involves the practice sessions to improve such skills.

Interpersonal Therapy

As the name implies, this therapy involves in solving the issues within. The problems such as unsolved grief, conflicts in relationships, losing the loved ones, changes in work roles or problems in office or business that affect the self a lot.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Some repetitive or inappropriate thoughts that the person is unaware, or some psychological conflicts that stuck in the corner of mind and make the person struggle can be treated using this therapy. According to the procedure, the therapist maintains a close relationship with the patient to get to know him personally and his thoughts and beliefs completely in order to change the old thinking pattern by taking a full charge of his life.

Psychoanalysis Therapy

This is the more intense form of Psychodynamic therapy where the sessions are conducted three to four times a week. The therapist will analyze the behavioral patterns and makes suggestions accordingly.