What are the differences between You At 18 and You At 28?

Being in teen and twenties are one of the happiest moments in anybody's life. This is the time you explore new things, you make new friends, you have fun, enjoy and create lifetime memories.

Like any other person, even I have some good and bad memories as well. Though it was fun, I learned and experienced so many amazing and real things in life. The differences I would like to share here are:

Me at 18

  • The most innocent and shy person
  • Had a very little knowledge of the real world
  • A less confident person with big stage-phobia
  • Was having fun with friends in my college life
  • Was dependent on my parents
  • Had to focus only on my studies and career
  • Known as a very hardworking and silent person
  • Was totally mad for music
  • Was single and enjoying life without relationship tantrums
  • Not able to take an individual big decision
  • Life without tension

Me at 28

  • A mature person with positive attitude towards life
  • Ready to face the real challenges in life
  • A confident with no more stage-phobia
  • An educated and independent person
  • Able to find the difference between a fake and real person
  • Got to know my "real and forever" friends
  • Married and enjoying life with my partner
  • Ready to make decisions and able to conclude things
  • Have knowledge about my Rights
  • Life with many responsibilities and duties

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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