What are the courses offered to get a PG Diploma in Psychology?

Psychology courses are widely available but you need to be more specific regarding the branch of psychology you are interested in, such as Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology etc.

Many of the major Universities are offering Psychology courses on a full-time basis. Following are the courses offered by them:

  • Clinical Psychology: One may choose this course to treat individuals suffering from chronic psychiatric disorders.

  • Child Psychology: This branch relates to treating the children having problems like dyslexia, ADHD, mood and eating disorders.

  • Geriatric Psychology: This is also called geropsychiatry and is similar to clinical Psychology but deals only with old aged people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, OCD or Autism etc.

  • Counselling Psychology: One who wants to start a counselling center for all types of psychological disorders can go with this course. Counselling Psychologists get usually employed in academic institutions, community mental health centers, etc.

  • Applied Psychology: The usage of psychological methods to solve the problems of human behavior, which usually have applied social psychology and applied cognitive psychology as its branches.

  • Cognitive Psychology: This branch deals with concepts such as how people know things, think about things and organize things and hence deal with thought, process, knowledge, and memory of the patient.

There are many other types such as community, organizational, developmental, educational, health, experimental, forensic, human factors, industrial, social, physiological and neuropsychology. Many of them are offering both two year and one-year courses both in regular and distance modes.