What are the challenges that parents face while talking to their teenagers?

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Teenagers sometimes live in their own bubble and at this stage, the parents face a lot of problems to deal with their emotional trauma and changing demands. The parents are sometimes confused and feel helpless to even talk to their teenage kids in a holistic manner.

The following points highlight some of the challenges parents face in conversation with their teenage child:

Friends are considered more important

  • At this age, the family seems to be an alien social institution for the kids as they wish to spend more time with their peers. Hence, they tend to consider their friends' views and suggestions rather than their parents.

  • They also give into peer pressure due to this reason. Hence, the parents find it difficult to establish that connection with the kids.

Advice is considered as criticism

  • There is also a tendency of the teenage children to consider any advice by their parents as criticism and often leads to ego-clashes on both sides.

  • The parents need to be extremely careful while articulating their thoughts to their children.

Generation gap

  • Generation Gap actually leads to a gap in conversations as well. While the parents feel there are some norms from their generation that should be continued to follow, children of this generation want total freedom and autonomy.

  • The topics which the parents want to discuss with the kids are also considered to be redundant by the children and sometimes these parents do not possess sufficient knowledge to talk about the topic liked by the younger generation.

  • The teenagers today face the academic pressures of the competitive world and the scenario was different from what happened in their parents’ generation.

Technology interrupts the conversation

  • The teenagers today have become the victims of technological addiction. They are busy most of the times with their tablets, laptops or mobiles watching internet series, surfing through social websites or listening to music.

  • They prefer to live in the virtual world rather than the real world. This becomes a major roadblock to facilitate a healthy discussion between the parent and the child.

Mental Instability

  • Teenage is the face where the child is still immature to handle tough situations yet s/he wants to be independent in the decision-making capacity and dislike any kind of interference from their parents.

  • They are stuck between maturity and immaturity. It is a state of confusion and chaos in their minds. Thus, the parents face the challenge to deal with their issues with care, sensitivity along with rationality.

Changes in the family as an institution

  • Earlier the joint families allowed more conversation and bonding among the family members and the teenagers too liked being an integral part of it. Today, nuclear families have led to a disconnect between parents and children.

  • With both the parents working to meet the standard of living, a teenager too is involved with different stakeholders and not just the parents.

Updated on 10-May-2022 11:35:14