What are the best things to talk about on a first date?

One may start by describing the weather as “Oh! What a bright sunny day it is! “

But one should keep in mind not to overdo this. It can be helpful in order to simply start the conversation when both of you feel awkward and it acts as a way to break the ice between the duo.

After discussing the weather in brief, you can go on asking what would he/she like to have. Till the drink is served, one may talk about personal hobbies and may ask the other person too about his/ her favorite pastime activities.

It's true that people are cautious to strangers; therefore, be natural and try to be friendly in a moderate manner. It is also not suggested to keep talking on and on. Give your date a chance to share his/her experience.

It is also polite to ask about any major query that the other person might have in his or her mind. In that case, the proper true answer is expected, so get ready with the one.

The first experience is the last experience. So, if this is good, you create chances to have more interactions and the more one interacts, the greater comfort the other person feels in one's company.

Moreover, if you fail once don't give up trying.

Happy Dating!!