What are the best things all Indian must do in their 20's?

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So, you are in your 20s, and wondering whether you are going on the right track in your life ... Don't worry. Here is the list of things that every Indian must do in their 20s. Check how many you have done and what are still pending?

  • Career-wise, find your passion in life. Don't live on somebody else's dream. Live your own life and do what you want to do in life. This is the age to experiment with career and switch jobs and change your priorities until you get exactly what you want in life. This is the prime age where you can work hard and put in that extra effort.

  • Search for your true love. If you are lucky enough you might have found the right person by now. Otherwise, keep searching for your right partner with whom you want to share your remaining life.

  • Add fitness to your routine. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Add a sport to your life. You will be in your physical and mental health peaks in your 20s. Use the time properly.

  • Learn a new language. Learn some music or adopt a pet. Do whatever you can, because now your life is entirely yours and you need not take care of anybody else.

  • Talk to your parents every day. Consult them for every small and big decisions in life. They are the only people on earth who will love you for life long without any expectations.

  • And most importantly, No matter what happens in life - learn to stay happy. Cultivate the habit of being happy and thanking God for every small and big things in your life.

Stop worrying and Start doing. Time and Tide wait for none.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25