What are the best new products or inventions that most people don't know about?

Technology offers new inventions every day. We are catered with gadgets, devices, services, etc. inspired by technical endeavors. Here are some of the best inventions that most of us do not know about.

  • The Weight Watcher Belt: Now you don’t have to worry about your weight issues. This weight watcher belt will monitor your weight every day so that you can keep a check on your waist and take necessary measures.

  • Senz storm-proof umbrella: It is a pointed umbrella that is designed to withstand the speed of wind of more than 100 km/hr.

  • Flyboard: Another technological advancement that extends the fantastic opportunity of flying on water. What an amazing sport and an amazing invention!

  • Lockitron: Now you have the capability to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone.

  • Alfa: Meet Alfa. It is a bicycle that is entirely made out of fireproof and waterproof cardboard. The cycle is carved out of completely recycled material.

  • Paperkarma: Get rid of unwanted emails by PaperKarma app. Upload the image of unwanted mail to this app, and you will get removed from the list of people receiving them.

  • Camping Tent: Get a solar powered tent for camping, offering you the features of the battery pack and solar generator. It is made to supply power to small appliances, perfect for camping!

  • Wi-fi Smart Pen: It is the must! Whatever you draw or write on paper, it will get stored on your electronic device. The pen will store data of up to 8GB, and it is available for $249.95 in the market.