What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation dates back to ages in India. Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali elaborates on the right posture, cleanliness, proper breathing, etc. With more and more emphasis given to meditation, people are now moving towards building it as a practice in their day to day lives. Meditation today is highly recommended by health experts and researchers for various reasons which are:

Make Yourself Calm and Relieve Stress

The different senses of body operate continuously in a day. Sometimes continuous work without break is also the cause for stress and anxiety. Meditation helps to cut off from regular thought process and gives mind spiritual upliftment. This helps in calming your mind and to face the upcoming challenges in a better manner.


Meditation helps you internalize the happenings of the situations and events. Once your mind is calm, you have the right track set to reflect upon your experiences- what went well? And what could have been done better? This process proves to be useful for improvement as well as in eliminating the negative thoughts that can inhabit one’s mind.

Breathing Is Streamlined

The regular meditation practice plays an extremely important role in regulating your breathing process. Thus, various respiratory diseases are avoided with the help of meditation which includes bronchitis, asthma, etc.

Develop Concentration and Immunity

One of the key reasons that meditation is becoming popular today is due to the fact that it helps in improving the concentration of mind. This is because meditation brings about undivided attention and focus which helps in improving work-efficiency and focus.

Improves Cardio-vascular Immunity

This point is indirectly related to reducing the stress and anxiety point. Most of the cardiac arrest cases today have come into picture mainly due to tension, hectic lifestyle all culminating into stress and anxiety. Meditation effectively improves the heartbeat rate and keep your cardio-vascular immunity intact.

Thus, the chance for allied health issues like abnormal heartbeats, blood vessel, and circulation related diseases are also reduced to a major extent and consequently, your cycle of health is kept in balance.