What are the activities that help teenagers to overcome their stress?

Teenage is a period characterized by turmoil and pressure. Teenagers generally find themselves in the position of confusion most of the times. It is important to guide them and engage them in some activities that can help them combat their stress and anxiety. Find out how?


The best method to tackle or deal with any kind of stress is that the person should do rigorous physical activities. Sports and exercise are the best forms of activities that help in developing physical fatigue and in turn give good sleep to the teenager. This is especially helpful for those teenagers who face the problem of insomnia and over thinking. Sports also teach spirit, discipline, grit, and courage which are the core principles to face the challenges of life.

Performing Arts

Music and dance are the most popular hobbies that children cultivate from their childhood and some even develop an undying passion for it. These activities give teenagers a safe shelter and self-time. These activities are equivalent to meditation for some people and give them the essential piece.

Yoga / Meditation

Yoga has existed since ancient times as a branch of philosophy which when practiced gives the person time to connect to the spiritual essence. This is important for teenagers to help them understand that materialistic attachments cause sufferings. Meditation practices, when developed at an early age, help even in adulthood to deal with similar stress. This will also detoxify them from technology.

Proper Diet and Sleep

Teenagers today are addicted to all types of electronic gadgets and junk food. The emphasis has to be given on proper diet and sleep. This should become ingrained in their day-to-day routine. The body should get the essential nutrients and the mind should stay calm which is achieved through a proper sleep only.

Self-Reflection Time

Self-reflection is an important practice that helps teenagers introspect and ponder on questions that help them improve their actions. Teenagers should listen to good music and read inspiring books that generate positive thoughts in their minds. It is at this age that the life-lessons are learned and these are applied in daily actions.

Conversation with Someone

Teenagers are generally in their own zone which is confined to the virtual world. Due to this disconnect, they feel the isolation which in turn leads to stress. Encourage them to talk about their problems and even their daily activities with their parents, good friends, counselors, teachers, etc. This gives them the confidence that they have the pillars of support for their grievances in some good- trustworthy people.