What are the 5 common reasons behind a breakup?

A breakup can occur between friends, live in partners or a married couple. It means that the two persons involved, choose to move out, live separately and go different ways causes a breakup.

Here let us consider a married couple and discuss the five major factors that could lead to a breakup between them.

What is a Marriage?

Marriage is an institution wherein a couple is legally wed and permitted to live together as per societal norms and procure children. The couple is united in love or by an arranged marriage where the parents and families assess the groom and brides eligibility and decide to get them married. Yet a few of the wedded couple chose to break up after a few years. There may be many reasons behind this breakup.


Male chauvinism or female pride could play a very dominant role in a couples’ breakup. When partners share equal rights and a compatible platform where both man and woman love and respect each other and treat each other as equals, the marriage lasts a lifetime. In case either of them acts egoistic or headstrong then living together becomes difficult leading to a breakup.

2.Lack of Trust

Faithfulness and trust are the pillars of any relationship. When a couple is married they are made to take some marriage vows promising one other a faithful and dedicated partnership. When these vows are broken and either of the partners loses confidence or is interested in someone else or cheats on the other, then the marriage breaks.

3.Lack of Compatibility

Compatibility is a must for an enduring relationship between a wedded couple. The friendship and love that they share create an intimate bond between them making them depend on one another and in choosing to continue their unison. Lack of understanding or common wavelength in ideas leads to regular fights and creates a wide gap. Feelings of hurt and lack of peace could create animosity at home making it impossible to live together.


When either of the partners is career oriented and is interested in pursuing it diligently, but finds obstacles in the form of the mate or family and feels tied up.

He or she then selfishly chooses to pursue his/or her career mindless of the effects at home and partner, leading to chaos and craving. This negligence and selfishness could lead to a breakup where the suffering partner chooses to opt out of the relationship.

5.Financial Problems

Today the punch packed in by the cost of living makes it difficult to meet all the desires and wants of an individual. Compromise and adjustment are essential parameters to live together n a marriage especially when it comes to cutting costs and sharing the burden of running a family. If there are financial problems in a family and either of the partners aren’t willing to share the brunt of it then there tends to be a breakup of the marriage.

Lack of adjustment or cutting down on expenses or low income and debts could all act as factors leading to a breakup. Whatever the reasons may be, the reasoning capacity and compatibility act as deciding forces in binding or breaking up a relationship.