What are some ways I can wear a midi skirt at workplace?

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A midi skirt is the one which has length somewhere between below the knee to the ankle. Trends do come and go but they even come again as it is said that ‘History repeats itself’. The trend of the midi skirt has come now all over again. But even if one has many midi skirts lying in the wardrobe, it often becomes a neglected dress when it comes to wearing it at the workplace. This is probably due to a lack of knowledge.

Ways To Wear MidDi Skirts In the Workplace

  • Team It Up with A White Shirt: White is a universal color. It is a must-have in every girl’s closet. One can tuck in the shirt or even keep it hanging out if it is a short smart formal shirt. Team it up with high gum boots or high heels. A sleek bracelet in one wrist and a watch in the other wrist, with showy Black or Brown belt, is to be worn. Some small earrings with a bold lipstick enhance the look.

  • Black Shirt and Light Colored Middi: Same goes for the contrasting black color, as goes for the previous look suggested.

  • Pair Midi Skirt with Same Color Top: This gives an elongating effect to your skirt and it looks as if you are not wearing 2 cloth pieces but a single dress. Wear high heels or gumboots along with it. Carry a bold lip color, nail color, and a classic leather purse. A bold mascara on your eyes will be great to make you feel even more confident and attractive.

  • Use A Belt: A sash or a belt adds some definition to the waist. So, you can go for it if you are lean.

Whatever one wears, one must be able to carry the clothes well. Otherwise, it may not be appealing to others.

Published on 11-Feb-2019 12:45:56