What are some tips to make the first wedding anniversary memorable?

The completion of the first year of Marriage is a great time to celebrate the uniqueness of love both of you have shared till now! This is how you can make your first anniversary memorable:

Plan A Different Routine

The daily chores and routine work schedule bore you. Take a break to celebrate this day by adding some new flavors to your special day. Plan your day filling with excitement and fun.

Explore New Horizons: If both of you have a dream place to visit and have never gone there before, plan for it. Confused about choosing from many options? Go for a lottery.

Get on the Adventurous Track: Some adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, horse riding or a bit higher such as bungee jump or paragliding can also be tried for fun. Try some activity close to nature, which fills your heart with real spirit.

Things Do Matter

Simple things matter a lot. A bunch of roses or a perfume bottle always deliver your special expression. Exchange of gifts, though is a common idea, brings a bright smile whenever they see it.

Get a Surprise Gift: Is there a thing which your spouse loves to have, but couldn’t manage to find or own it? Let it be a simple book or a pillow with a favorite poster or maybe a watch of preferred brand. Gift something that he or she longs to have one.

Put On Your Own Feelings: The couple shirts, couple dresses or couple watches, caps or other accessories which make you feel as two wings of the same lovebird, really spreads the awesomeness.

Share your Heart

Love is more cherished when shared. Share your heart with the expression of love towards your spouse, with some good memories you both had in this one year.

Pour Your Heart: Pen down your feelings towards your spouse and ask for the same. Take every criticism positively. Cherish the love and patience your partner showed at times, though you had been too rigid to handle.

Shed A Bad Habit: Now that you have an idea about each other, with this one year of life, take an oath to shed a bad habit of yours which your partner is really bearing with patience. No other gift of love could be as precious as this. Do the promise and stick to it.

Catch the Lovely Moments

Don’t forget to take pics that reflect your joy and happiness. Try to make a good album rather than having a soft copy. Touch those pictures and feel these memories, whenever you find the time. Refresh your love once more !!