What are some tips to decorate the room of a newlywed couple?

Wedding night is the most special moment in newlywed couple's life and so, it should be decorated well to make it memorable for their lifetime. Remember, that the decoration should be done as per the taste of newlyweds and not how you would deck up a kid's room or for your parents.

The decoration should be such that it creates a romantic environment mixed with relaxation. So, how do we go about it?

Use the right colors

Colors play a major role in any room so, for a newlywed's bedroom choose romantic colors. For instance, match the blankets, bedding, and the drapes in the same shade such as white or baby pink.

Make sure that the walls are painted in shades that is a common choice for both of them. That works the same for fabrics too.

Create a romantic feel

The room a of a newly married couple should exude that romantic feel every bit. So, make sure that you use room fresheners with a romantic aroma like the rose, use light drapes, thoughtful paintings or any photos as wedding memories on the walls.

Meets taste of both genders

Make sure that room compliments both the genders and should not be just as per one's taste. The design of the room should have a balanced approach making it neither too feminine, nor too masculine.

Avoid over dramatizing

Overdoing anything will only make it look too congested so, avoid overdramatizing the room. Keep the overall design and ambiance simple, and well-decorated. Too much of anything would be bad.