What are some side effects of straightening hair?

Everyone loves to have beautiful straight hair. For some lucky people, it comes naturally, yet others opt for parlor straightening techniques. Hair straightening can be done in two ways;

  • Application of chemicals to the hair that helps in straightening.

  • Application of heat through iron or a metallic appliance that straightens the hair.

Advantages of Hair Straightening

There is only one advantage of hair straightening that is self-satisfaction of the person who wants to get it done. A good hair stylist and advanced parlor techniques can make a person look beautiful. Hairstyling and straightening are also one such art that can improve the good looks of a person.

Disadvantages of Hair Straightening

There are many disadvantages of hair straightening a few of which can be listed as follows:

Hair fall: Severe hair fall occurs after hair straightening due to the heat application which damages the hair follicles and the hair texture causing splits and breakage. The application of harsh chemicals also causes damage to the hair roots and the scalp leading to dryness and hair fall.

Side Effects of Chemical: Hair straightening has its own quota of side effects. Usage of harsh chemicals reduces hair growth. Sometimes to save money, the hairstylist may use low-quality cosmetics. This may cause severe damage to the hair. Always make sure that the products used are of good quality and certified by a dermatologist.

Allergic Reaction: Sometimes a person may experience rashes and itching either on the scalp or in the eyes due to the poor quality of the chemicals used in straightening. Reactions may arise and may cause pain and suffering for want of straightening. One ought to consult a dermatologist or a doctor in such cases.

Effect on Hair health: Hair straightening makes hair brittle and dry. The natural moisture content in the hair is lost with the application of hair dryers and straighteners which give it a dull look. The natural sheen of the hair is compromised in a rush to straighten it.

Impermanence: The straightening done does not last long if one tends to stay out of doors exposed to the harmful sun rays. After washing the hair a few times the chemical effect wears away leading to the revival of the old hairstyle and appearance. So the amount of money and time spent on straightening it lasts only a short while.

Anyone opting for hair straightening should, therefore, understand the pros and cons involved in the procedure and the only should proceed. Nature is the best provider and God is the best designer.