What is the best site to invest money in stock market?

Trading in share market and earning through it is not easy, especially for a novice because it requires a fair deal of knowledge vis-a-vis how share market works otherwise your excitement may end up in a regret with some money at stake.

Yes, websites can give you an overall idea about the market and its principles but the issue is there is end number of websites that erect the chances of making the reader confused. Therefore, authentic websites with informative stuff are what you need to gain fair knowledge.

There are people who do their own research in the market, various companies, and how they are performing. Thereafter, they make a list of the companies that have a good rapport and generally perform consistently well.

First of all, I suggest you follow the same aforementioned rule but for that, you need to open a Demat account and watch how the market and the companies you are going to invest in are performing. Once you are confident enough you can start trading by putting baby steps like investing small amount at one time. Slowly you will master the art and start earning well.

Good luck!!