What are some best Lalu Prasad Yadav memes?

No matter how weird you find Lalu Prasad Yadav, his character, articulation, his love for fodder …hehehe… and his looks, or ‘adorn’ him with the most shitty titles like ‘Joker of Indian Politics’, ‘Tabela Ka Sardaar’, ‘Ganwaar’ (Illiterate) CM or MP’, etc., but you would still be agreed that his sense of humor is nailing. With his spontaneous wit, he can add laughter to even the most unexpected and acute scenarios. Here is my compilation.

I bet, you gonna surely read this twice....!!!

Lalu Bet

Lalu's out of the box reply when asked about Family planning in Bihar.....

Lalu 10

When asked about his hair on ears…Although, got furious a little…!!!

Lalu Doobara

Arey koi batayega hammey…..Eeee saala ‘Tinder’ kaa howat hai!!


When asked about Fodder Scam

Lalu maun

When asked about his first crush !!!

Lalu Sala

When Nitish resigns as CM of Bihar.

CM Bihar

When Shriya Saran secretly tied the knot with a foreigner...

Lalu Baat

His open challenge to his rivals...

Lalu Aloo

Messaged Sunny Leone on Instagram...

Lalu Message

Nitish: Lalu ji, kya main BJP join kar loon?

Lalu Khopidi

When he is asked to open an account on Qries ...!!!

Lalu Budak

Lalu after seeing these memes…!!!

Lalu Bhaat DHA Paat