What Are Essential Oils? A Complete Guide on Aromatherapy and Its Potential Health Benefits

Essential oils have several health benefits, and these oils are often used in aromatherapy. These oils are extracted from plants, and hence these oils capture the flavour of the plants from where the oils are extracted. Essential oils are primarily obtained via distillation methods. Individuals can inhale these oils, or they can be diluted before applying them to the skin.

Types of Essential Oils and Probable Health Benefits

One can get different types of essential oils available in the market. As per experts, almost 90 types of essential oils are presently available. Every essential oil has its unique smell and functionality. Let’s learn about some common essential oils and their health benefits.

Tea Tree Oil  Tea tree oil is famous for having antibacterial and antifungal properties. This oil is also rich in anti-oxidant. Aromatherapy experts suggest tea tree oil for overall health benefits. While used for the message, this oil detoxifies the body and soothes all types of inflammation.

Tee tree oil reduces inflammation, fights infection, lowers insomnia and keeps one away from stress and anxiety. This oil is also considered a natural deodorant and can be applied to relieve minor cuts or wounds.

Lavender Oil − In aromatherapy, lavender oil is highly used and it is effective for treating stress, anxiety, etc. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which heal acne and help people to get relief from eczema. Using lavender oil, it becomes possible to get a natural glow. Probable health benefits of lavender oil are

  • Glowing skin

  • Acne free skin

  • Treatment for Eczema

  • Healing wound

  • Heal sunburn

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Cure insomnia

Peppermint Oil − Peppermint is from the mint family, having a combination between spearmint and water mint. This mint oil is extracted from the peppermint plant’s leaves. This mint oil mainly comes with two ingredients- menthol and menthone.

Prime health benefits of using peppermint oils are-

  • Helps cure IBS or irritable bowel syndrome

  • Good for digestion

  • It is used to treat muscle pain, itching, headaches

  • Remove bad breadths

Sandalwood  Sandalwood oil is extracted from the sandalwood tree. This oil is also largely used in aromatherapy due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to decrease inflammation, and experts use this oil to treat skin disorders.

Many researches revealed that sandalwood is highly effective in treating anxiety and depression. In aromatherapy, this oil is also used to keep people relaxed. It also contains a hypotensive agent, and hence it is largely used in lowering blood pressure.

Rose Oil  The prime health benefit of rose oil is to treat stress and relieve anxiety. Regular use of rose oil in aromatherapy helps individuals to stay calm and stress-free. Rose oil is highly preferred during aromatherapy as it gets deep into the skin and will help your skin to rejuvenate. It helps body muscles to get relaxed slowly and lowers inflammation.

Bergamot Oil  The aroma of Bergamot oil is helpful to relax your mind and it is widely used in aromatherapy soothing treatment. You need to take 15-30 drops of this oil along with any career oil and use the combination as a body massage.

You can also put some drops of Bergamot oil into the body wash or shampoo to feel the essence and relax your mind. In aromatherapy, this oil is used to reduce stress and anxiety. This oil contains a sedative component, and hence it is helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia.

Chamomile Oil  Chamomile is extracted from chamomile plants. This oil is extracted normally from two different plants- Roman chamomile & German chamomile. Aromatherapy specialists use this oil to treat several health issues.

  • This oil is good for stomach upset, digestion, gas or nausea.

  • It is good for healing wounds and sores

  • This oil is great for relieving stress.

  • It also helps in healing several health conditions like rashes, eczema

  • Widely used to treat depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

Jasmine Oil − Jasmine oil is derived from the white flower “jasmine”. This flower is popular for its sweet fragrance. In aromatherapy, this oil is used to heal the following health hazards.

  • It works great as an anti-depressant and stress relieving. Experts find this oil effective for aromatherapy massage.

  • Jasmine oil contains antiseptic properties. It heals wounds and cuts.

  • Massage with jasmine oil can heal body cramps.

Side Effects

In general essential oils come with excellent benefits. However, one can observe certain side effects of these oils. Sometimes these oils can cause nausea, drowsiness, skin irritation, eye redness, diarrhoea in children, slow breathing, etc. Essential oils should not be consumed without consulting with doctors, as these oils can cause poisoning.


Essential oils contain various healing properties, which can help people to stay away from stress, anxiety, migraines, and headaches, decreasing inflammation, etc. Essential oils are generally safe, but one should consult with doctors before consuming them.

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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