What are differences between a gated community and an apartment?

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Gated Community is the word which has been popularized recently. People are expressing interest because of the differences these Gated communities have with the normal apartments.


Apart from buildings, an apartment is the single flat or unit, a self-contained housing unit that occupies only one part of the building, normally a single one. In a building, many individual houses live in one vicinity together where they share a common parking area or cellar and a common terrace as well.

Gated Community

A Gated community is a group of such apartments which is gated as one. It feels there is a small town inside the gate and a lot more happening inside including shopping areas, temple, gymnastics and many more.

A single apartment can be owned by a single person whereas a gated community is the combination of more than one apartment. It can be from 2, 10 or more than 200 apartments. An apartment is the one flat inside a gated community. Well, it depends and varies and also not necessary as well, but a gated community might have many amenities or facilities like:

  • High Security: There is no worry about thieves and burglars as the security is alert for 24 hrs. Also, you need not to answer all those irritating salesmen who spoil your time and the beggars or donation-seeking people who might annoy you.

  • Intercom: There is also a provision of intercom where the security can reach you to find out whether you want to see some visitors or not. All the houses are interconnected through an intercom, which enables everyone to communicate with one another in case of any need.

  • Amenities: There are many amenities such as clubhouses, children play area, swimming area, fitness centers, indoor games room, meditation rooms etc., for all the residents. These facilities can be used by all the members according to their needs.

  • Controlled conditions: The vehicle speed limit, neatness in the vicinity and the beauty of the area are all maintained well by staff and the discipline of the whole community is taken care of very well by President of the society.

  • A community as one: The feeling of togetherness is maintained through community street sports, community yard sales or some friendly events. These bring a greater sense of community.

All these are the common features of a gated community whereas some prefer to have more facilities and options. However, the convenience of the residents holds the ultimate importance.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24