What are all the custom URL schemes supported by the Facebook iPhone app?

A url Scheme is a way of iOS to open some third party applications from within a app. Some of the URL schemes that are supported by facebook to open different modules of facebook app from within some other app are mentioned below.

1. To open facebook profile: fb://profile
2. To open request list: fb://requests
3. To open friends list : fb://friends
4. To open notes: fb://notes
5. To open the list of notifications : fb://notifications
6. To open albums: fb://albums
7. To open feeds/ home : fb://feed
8. To open events : fb://events
9. To open a page with id: fb://page?id=%@
10. To open messenger: fb-messenger://
11. To open messaging list: fb://messaginglist
12. To open story: fb://story?%@
13. To upload cover photo: fb://uploadcoverphoto

At the time of writing this article these are some of the working url schemes in facebook’s iOS app. As facebook is regulary releasing updates, some of them may stop working in future or there might be possible changes or addition in the url Schemes.

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020


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