What a body-positive expert wants you to know about Adele’s weight loss?

English singer-songwriter Adele gained popularity since her number one single "Someone Like You" ranked top in the United Kingdom and the United States. The 15 times Grammy award winner became a sensation for her talent but soon became a center of attention to the public eye when her post on Instagram went viral showing her extreme weight loss transformation in 2020.

It was not until 2021 that she finally broke her silence about her weight loss journey in her interview with British vogue. The singer stated that her transformation wasn’t for the public to watch and comment on it, but was rather for herself.

Losing weight is not equal to being pretty and so, here’s what a body-positive expert wants you to know about Adele’s weight-loss journey.

Your body, Your Life

Being a famous celebrity, updating the public about your everyday life seems to be a potential business. Adele was showered with praise from her fans all over the world but she did face backlash even more.

In her interview with British Vogue, she told them how the public had a shocking reaction to her transformation and that she hid it very well. This shows how people are entertained so much by famous personalities because they enjoy getting to know about their life.

Her weight has been a topic discussed very often by people really good at judging. Adele speaks up in the interview that how she is the only one who is in charge of her body and not the public. She has time and again stated that it is her life and it is not a source of entertainment for the public.

Everything isn’t about Losing Weight

In her British vogue interview, Adele clarifies that she didn’t start her journey to lose weight but to cope with her mental health. Adele opened up about her mental health issues when she was going through postpartum depression. She was battling with anxiety and depression and started her fitness journey to overcome it.

Her fitness journey has often been misinterpreted as her weight loss journey and this frustrated the singer. She stated that how people observed her body carefully more than her mental health. Adele told in her interview that the journey was for her to achieve peace of mind and not lose weight. She also stated how her body image has been what the media and public have always objectified since the beginning of her music career.

Size doesn’t Matter

The ‘rolling in the deep’ singer shared how people criticized her for her weight and that she never cared a bit. Adele said in her interview how confident she felt after she achieved her mental health goals. She also states how she never gave the public’s opinion a priority or thought about it since she was always body positive back then before she lost 100 pounds and she is will always be.

Happiness has always been her priority and her weight loss journey has no relation with her being embarrassed by her body. The British singer stated that one doesn’t have to be thin to have a positive feeling about their body and that whether any size or shape, every body type is body positive.

Unintentional Revenge Look

The public’s reaction stated how Adele wanted to get back to her marriage after her divorce from her ex-husband, SimonKonecki in 2021 whom she had been married for 3 years. She was angered by the comments and stated how ridiculous it is to frame a woman’s transformation just for the sake of revenge.

For years, people have portrayed the image of a divorced woman to go around and changing her entire life just to get back to haters and this is very upsetting. Adele told in her interview with vogue that she has been facing hate about her body for years and so it doesn’t offend her if people talk more about it.

Focus on what you want to gain rather than Lose

The Grammy award singer had clear goals to get mentally fit and so she started her journey. She opened up in her interview about not having a routine for weight loss. Rather, she wanted to be physically strong and reduce her screen time.

Adele told about her being addicted to her phone and that she developed really unhealthy habits. This worsened her anxiety and was taking therapy sessions. Gradually, she enjoyed working out and boxing helped her become stronger. Adele followed no customized diet. She noticed a difference in her mental health and so she had several workout routines which led to her shedding 100 pounds.

Experts praise the British singer for her choosing the non-traditional path to not publicize her weight loss journey. The motivation to achieve her goals may send some of her fans the wrong message for not being happy with her image but that doesn’t make her bad if people don’t understand her priorities. Adele’s transformation changed her life completely and experts are glad that she took the healthy route rather than caring about what other people would think.


Hence, Adele's weight loss should not be used as a benchmark for beauty or health, as everyone's bodies are different and have different needs. Body-positive experts emphasize the importance of body acceptance and self-love, regardless of size or shape. They would also want to remind people that weight loss should not be equated with happiness, as true happiness comes from within and cannot be achieved through external changes. Rather than comparing ourselves to others, it's important to focus on self-care and self-acceptance.