U.S. Customary Unit Conversion with Mixed Number Values : One-Step Conversion

In this lesson, we have mixed number values of customary units. These units must be converted to other customary unit involving one-step conversion.

Rules of conversion

  • The mixed number values are converted into fractions

  • The conversion rule is applied and customary unit is converted into required unit.

Convert between yards and feet

$4\frac{1}{3}$yd = __ft


Step 1:

1 yd = 3 ft

Step 2:

So, $4\frac{1}{3}$ yd = $\frac{13}{3} \times$ 3 ft = 13 ft

Convert between gallons (gal) and quarts (qt)

$6\frac{1}{2}$ gal = __qt


Step 1:

1 gal = 4 qt

Step 2:

$6\frac{1}{2}$ gal = $\frac{13}{2} \times$ 4 qt = 26 qt