Choosing a Measuring Tool

In real world, we come across various situations where we measure different quantities and use different measuring tools for such purposes. For example, if we want to measure height, we use a tape measure; if we want to measure weight, we use weighing scales and if we want to know time, we use a clock and so on.

Some more examples: To find the degree of hotness or coldness of a place, we measure the temperature of that place using a thermometer. To measure a liquid that can be put in a container, we measure its capacity using a measuring cup. Similarly, we carry out measurements like finding the height of a door, finding the weight of vegetables, measuring capacity of gasoline and so on.

Measuring Tools

Pablo wants to know how much his sneakers weigh. What tool should he use?


The tool used to measure weight is Weighing scales or Scales.

Nicole wants to measure the water she uses in the recipe. What tool does she use?


The tool used to measure volume is a Measuring cup.

Nora want to know the time it takes to shut down her laptop. What tool should she use?


The tool used to measure time is a Clock.