Upsampling an image using OpenCV

In this program, we will up sample an image. Up sampling is increasing the spatial resolution while keeping the 2D representation of an image. It is typically used for zooming in on a small region of an image. We will use the pyrup() function in the openCV library to complete this task.

Original Image


Step 1: Read the image.
Step 2: Pass the image as a parameter to the pyrup() function.
Step 3: Display the output.

Example Code

import cv2

image = cv2.imread('testimage.jpg')
print("Size of image before pyrUp: ", image.shape)

image = cv2.pyrUp(image)
print("Size of image after pyrUp: ", image.shape)
cv2.imshow('UpSample', image)


Size of image before pyrUp: (350, 700, 3)
Size of image after pyrUp: (700, 1400, 3)


If we observe the size of the image before and after using the pyrUp function, we see that the size is increased, i.e., we have up sampled the image.

Updated on: 17-Mar-2021

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