Draw an ellipse on an image using OpenCV

In this program, we will draw an ellipse on an image in using the OpenCV library. We will use the OpenCV function ellipse() for the same.

Original Image


Step 1: Import cv2.
Step 2: Read the image using imread().
Step 3: Set the center coordinates.
Step 4: Set the axes length.
Step 5: Set the angle.
Step 6: Set start and end angle.
Step 6: Set the color.
Step 7: Set the thickness.
Step 8: Draw the ellipse by passing the above parameters in the cv2.ellipse function along with the original image.
Step 9: Display the final output.

Example Code

import cv2
image = cv2.imread('testimage.jpg')
center_coordinates = (120, 100)

axesLength = (100, 50)
angle = 0
startAngle = 0
endAngle = 360
color = (0, 0, 255)
thickness = 5
image = cv2.ellipse(image, center_coordinates, axesLength, angle, startAngle, endAngle, color, thickness)

cv2.imshow('Ellipse', image)