Unity - Modifying Sprites


The sprite we have just imported can also be manipulated in various ways to change how it looks.

If you look at the top left corner of the engine’s interface, you will find a toolbar as shown below −


Let us discuss the functions of these buttons.

  • The Hand tool is used to move around the scene without affecting any objects.

Hand Tool

Hand Tool Hierarchy
  • Next, we have the Move tool. This is used to move objects in the game world around.

Move Tool

Move Tool Hierarchy
  • In the centre, we have the Rotate tool, to rotate objects along the Z-axis of the game world (or parent object).

Rotate Tool

Rotate Tool Hierarchy
  • The Scaling tool is positioned upwards. This tool lets you modify the size (scale) of objects along certain axes.

Scaling Tool

Scaling Tool Hierarchy
  • Finally, we have the Rect tool. This tool behaves like a combination of the Move and the Scaling tool, but is prone to loss of accuracy. It is more useful in arranging the UI elements.

Rect Tool

Rect Tool Hierarchy

These tools prove worthy as the complexity of the project increases.