Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service that helps web browser clients to easily access electronic information on the Internet by hosting/posting web-server programs (websites or web pages) on a computer system.

A web server, often known as a web host, is a computer system that hosts websites. Internet users need to use the website URL or domain name in their browser to access a website. After that, the user's machine will connect to the web server, and the web pages will be provided to them through the browser.

The following are the types of Web hosting services −

  • Free Hosting

  • Virtual/Shared Hosting

  • Dedicated Hosting

  • Co-location Hosting

Free Hosting

This is a non-commercial, free web hosting service. This sort of hosting is offered from several well-known websites that provide free hosting for a limited number of web pages.


  • Free of charge

  • Advertisements, banners, and several other types of advertising media can be placed on websites


  • Customer service is lacking

  • Data transmission is limited due to a lack of bandwidth

  • You do not have control over your website

Virtual/Shared Hosting

It is a hosting web service in which several websites are hosted on a single web server linked to the Internet. With a hosting package from the wed b hosting firm, you may show yourself to your web audience as an autonomous personality.


  • Simple and inexpensive

  • Hosting service ensures security 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical assistance


  • Shared resources might cause the entire server to slow down

  • Dedicated hosting is more versatile

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is suited for huge websites with high traffic. The company aspiring to go online rents an entire web server from a hosting company. This is suitable for companies hosting big websites, maintaining other sites, managing a big online mall, etc.


  • Ideal for large business

  • Strong database support

  • Unlimited software support

  • Powerful e-mail solutions

  • Complete root access to your servers


  • It's very expensive

  • Requires superior skill sets

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting allows you to run your web server on a service provider's facilities. It's identical to dedicated hosting, except that the user-business now provides the server, and the hosting provider takes care of the physical needs.


  • Increasing Bandwidth Unlimited Software Options and a High Uptime

  • High-level security


  • Configuration and debugging are complex

  • It's pricey

  • High-level talents are required

Updated on: 17-Aug-2021

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