How to redirect URLs with your Hosting Account?

You can easily redirect URLs to the settings under your hosting account. Let’s say you have a blogger blog and you want to redirect it to your website.

A redirect automatically sends your visitors to another destination, within the same site or a new URL.

Follow the below given steps to redirect URLs to your hosting account,

  • Go to your hosting account and log in.
  • Click Manage Web Hosting and reach the cPanel. Here, search the Domains section and click Redirects,

Now, a section can be seen to add a redirect. Here, fill the following fields to redirect URL,


The type of redirect you want.

Select the hosted domain

You need to select the hosted domain here, which you want to redirect. This is in case you have a multi-domain hosting account.

Redirects to

Here, you need to add the URL where you want to redirect.

With or without www prefix

Select whether or not you want to redirect the URL with or without www.

Updated on: 25-Feb-2020


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