What are the types of Web Mining?

Web mining defines the process of using data mining techniques to extract beneficial patterns trends and data generally with the help of the web by dealing with it from web-based records and services, server logs, and hyperlinks. The main goal of web mining is to find the designs in web data by collecting and analyzing data to get important insights.

Web mining can widely be viewed as the application of adapted data mining methods to the web, whereas data mining is represented as the application of the algorithm to find patterns on mostly structured data fixed into a knowledge discovery process.

Web mining has a distinctive property to support a collection of multiple data types. The web has several aspects that yield multiple approaches for the mining process, such as web pages including text, web pages are connected via hyperlinks, and user activity can be monitored via web server logs.

There are various types of web mining which are as follows −

Web Content Mining − Web content mining is a procedure of Web Mining in which essential descriptive data is extracted from websites (WWW). Content involves audio, video, text documents, hyperlinks, and structured records. Web contents are designed to deliver records to users in the design of text, lists, images, videos, and tables.

The function of content mining is data extraction, where structured data is copied from unstructured websites. The goal is to support data aggregation over several websites by utilizing the extracted structured data.

Web Structured Mining − Web Structure mining is one of the core techniques of web mining that deals with hyperlinks structure. Structure mining essentially shows the structured summary of the website. It recognizes relationships among linked web pages of websites.

Web mining is only data mining that digs information from the web. There are several algorithmic techniques are used to find data from the web. Structure mining analyzes hyperlinks of the website to assemble informative records and sort them out in elements like similarities and relationships. Intra-page is a type of mining that is implemented at the document level and hyperlink level mining is called inter-page mining.

Web Usage Mining − Web usage mining is used to extract useful records, information, knowledge from the weblog data, and helps in identifying the user access patterns for web pages.

In Mining, the usage of web resources, the individual is thinking about records of requests of visitors of a website that are often collected as web server logs. While the content and architecture of the set of web pages follow the intentions of the authors of the pages, the single requests show how the users view these pages. Web usage mining may disclose relationships that were not proposed by the creator of the pages.

Updated on: 15-Feb-2022

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