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Utilizing cloud hosting and cloud resources makes websites and apps available to us. When we talk about using only one server as an alternative, the hosting does not install solutions at all. Instead, the program or website is hosted by a network of linked physical and virtual cloud servers, providing more flexibility and scalability.

Considerations in Cloud Hosting

  • Security βˆ’ Customers should take into account a supplier with choices for physical/operational, network and system, application, and data security.

  • Sensitive Information βˆ’ Businesses that handle sensitive data may want to adopt dedicated servers, hardware segregation, or other solutions.

  • Support βˆ’ Many cloud hosting companies provide tools, and some even provide specialized services, to aid in managing the environment hosted in the cloud.

  • Performance βˆ’ Occasionally, latency can be a problem. Businesses should make sure they have strong, dependable Internet connections.

Cloud Hosting Service Providers


For 30 days, Kamatera is free to try. Cloud Server costs start at $4 per month. The price for cloud block storage will be $0.05/month/GB. Private Cloud Network is without cost. And the monthly cost of Cloud Load Balancer will be $9. The cost of a Cloud Firewall begins at $9 per month. For $50 a month per server, the managed cloud is offered. The numerous solutions offered by Kamatera include Cloud Servers, Cloud Block Storage, Managed Cloud, Private Cloud Networks, Cloud Load Balancers, and Cloud Firewalls. It offers products for system administrators, developers, and other IT professionals. You will be able to expand or reduce the capacity depending on your needs rapidly. Kamatera provides high-performance, low-maintenance, and inexpensive cloud infrastructure services.


Flexible options begin at $4.55 a month. For each cloud server, you may select and adjust the number of processing cores, RAM capacity, disk storage, and bandwidth whenever you like.

Pay-as-you-go is possible thanks to the 10-minute billing period. Money-back guarantee: The user has the right to request a refund at any time. The cloud operates on a cutting-edge hyper-converged vStack platform built on top-notch Open Source technologies. The development of next-generation virtual machines is aided by the FreeBSD operating system and the lightweight Bhyve hypervisor. High-performance servers are available from it. Modern 2nd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs with a 3.1 GHz frequency provide the foundation for powerful Xeon Gold CPU virtual machines. They provide an advanced new degree of cloud computing.


Cloud Startup ($7.45/month), Cloud Professional ($14.95 per month), and Cloud Global ($37.00 per month) are the three pricing tiers offered by Hostinger. A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided. Speed will increase thrice using Hostinger. You may effectively administer the server with its cutting-edge management panel. All the necessary tools are collected in one location. As cloud hosting servers operate on separate virtual instances, you will have total control over all resources and restrictions. It offers the most recent performance and technology upgrades. Due to automatic backups performed by Hostinger, your files and databases will remain secure. It contains an integrated cache manager that will accelerate your projects incredibly. Each package from Hostinger includes a free domain name.


Four price tiers are available from Cloudways. It costs $10 per month to get started. You will pay $22 a month for the second option. You will pay $42 monthly for the third and $80 for the final plan. Cloudways offers a platform for managed cloud hosting. All PHP programs are supported by it. It has servers equipped for PHP 7 and five cloud service providers. It offers a cutting-edge Control Panel of its own. It offers features like Managed Backups, Managed Security, Complete Monitoring, and Managing Multiple Domains. It also offers an Optimised Stack. Applications may be installed indefinitely on Cloudways. There are 5 cloud providers. A dashboard is provided for managing accounts. It has more than 60 data centers throughout the world. It offers simple DNS administration and an integrated MySQL manager. Cpanel is not supported.

Liquid Web

The VPS Hosting plan from Liquid Web is available with 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB of RAM. Plans for dedicated servers are available for EU Netherlands, US Central, and US West servers. It provides Single Processor and Dual Processor Cloud Dedicated Server options. Managed Hosting, Managed Solutions, and Managed Applications are services offered by Liquid Web. Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated Servers, Private VPS Parent, and Cloud Sites are solutions for Managed Hosting. Fully Managed Web Hosting is offered by Liquid Web. Its managed Web hosting architecture is excellent performing. It may offer specialized server clusters for the most difficult tasks.

Host Gator

There are three options available for cloud hosting: Hatchling Cloud ($4.95), Baby Cloud ($7.95), and Business Cloud ($9.95). The starting monthly cost for Website Builder is $3.84. The screenshot below shows the costs for the additional services. For 45 days, HostGator provides a money-back guarantee. It offers effective website hosting services for both small and large organizations. It offers website development, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated hosting services. For convenience of usage, the website builder incorporates a drag-and-drop feature. For the websites, it offers migrating services. Additionally, it provides resource management capabilities, a simple dashboard, and integrated caching.


All of the information relates to the top cloud hosting companies. There are affordable HostGator Cloud Hosting pricing options. Cloudways is well known for offering affordable WordPress hosting services. Liquid Web offers completely managed web hosting services for stores, applications, and websites that must operate smoothly. HostGator offers services for Linux servers. Liquid Web's services support both Windows and Linux servers.

Updated on: 21-Nov-2022


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