Trampolining - Scoring

In case of individual trampolining, the final mark is based on two different scores. If a player performs the skills smoothly without any error, he will get good points and points will be deducted in case of error while performing the skills.

Two individual panels of judges are there to look after the performance and degree of difficulty. Five judges are assigned for judging performance of skills by the player and giving a score out of ten whereas another panel of two judges are there for judging degree of difficulty usually giving a score ranging in between 11 to 15.

The points awarded in performance of skills are as follows −

  • For a full somersault 0.4 points
  • For a quarter somersault 0.1 points
  • For a full twist 0.2 points
  • For a half twist 0.1 points

In case of skills which involve twists and somersaults, points are added together.

The highest and lowest scores among the five individual scores given by the five judges for execution are discarded and the other three scores are totalled and added with the two other scores given by the panel of judges for degree of difficulty and the final result is considered as the total score for that player. In case of a tie, the two discarded scores are included again in order to determine the winner.

In case of failing to touch the trampoline with both feet at the same time costs 0.3 points whereas touching the trampoline bed with hands costs 0.4 points. Even touching the trampoline bed with both hand and knees costs 0.5 points.