Trampolining - Equipment

In case of trampoline, not much equipment are needed. The basic equipment that are needed are the trampoline and the mat.


A trampoline is a workout and sport equipment which has a piece of taut and a strong fabric that is stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs. People usually bounce on the trampoline for both working out as well as for competitive purposes. The fabric that is spread across the frame is not elastic. However, it is the coiled springs which provide elasticity to the equipment.

Initially, the trampoline was used for training the astronauts and pilots in order to provide them the experience of various body positions while the body is in air. Besides these, trampoline is also used in various sport trainings such as diving, gymnastics etc. in order to develop and sharpen the acrobatic skills of the player.

The trampoline is made of steal and is made in such a way that it can be folded up and can be carried to different places. In case of competitive sports, the trampoline bed is rectangular in shape with a size of 14 ft 1 in × 7 ft. The bed is fitted into a frame of size 17 ft × 10 ft. Around 110 coiled springs are used for providing the elasticity.

In case of recreational as well as for working out, the trampolines used are less effectively constructed than that of competitive trampolines. The springs used in recreational trampolines provide less elasticity as compared to the competitive trampolines. These trampolines come with various shapes like circular, octagonal, rectangular etc.

Safety mats

These mats are mostly used as a safety measure for the players. These are large, thick pads and are placed at every end of the trampoline. It is used in order to cushion the impact in case a player falls down from the trampoline.


The shoes used in this game are specially made for the sport and are ultralight in weight. A typical trampolining shoe weighs around 3.3 ounces. The shoes have foam padding inside with a high quality flexible rubber at the bottom for providing positive reaction during tumbling on the trampoline.