Top 6 Ways to Diffuse Computer Education in Villages

Despite a lot of efforts, India has been almost a failure in getting inclusive benefits for its citizens. Along with the north south digital divide in India a completely new and unfortunate urban rural divide can be easily observed. Various measures have been adopted to overcome the situations but everything is more or less the same.

The easiest way to fill the gap between rural urban facilities is to make these services available at all locations but still a few problems remains which are attributes to cultural and structural attributes. Here is a brief list of solution which may be employed in this situation −

  • Information campaign – The root of the problem can be diagnosed in the unavailability of the proper information and proper guidance. Rural Indian population does not know what kind of benefits it may have if it switch to using the latest computer technology. Even if they somehow manage to get the relevant information they face structural issues. An approach to solve this problem may be a wide and extensive information campaign with bona fide intention. It should not be a half-hearted effort and complete machinery with full intention and ability should contribute in this.

  • Empathetic efforts – The government authorities on their part show indifference to the problems of the people and do not show any enthusiasm in helping the people. Sometimes when they want to help people they are restricted by the lacunas in the system and they themselves feel helpless too. The solution to this problem is the proper training and infrastructure. There should be stern punishments for the offenders and those civil servants who fail to fulfil the demand of their duty.

  • Resolve doubts of the people – In some cases people themselves are hostile towards the changes in their conventional ways and see everything very suspiciously. Their concerns must be resolved in away suitable to them without any indication of mockery addressed to them

  • Infrastructural improvements – Proper infrastructure must be made available in rural areas. Along with that it should be made sure that properly trained staff and facilities are available to utilize the infrastructure in most optimal way possible. This should not be just an exercise to fulfil the requirement but the aim should be to resolve the problem holistically and completely.

  • Actual availability of information – It must be made sure that digital information collected via various means and modes is available to everyone and proper training facilities are available to utilize that information too.

  • Holistic approach – Last but not the least the efforts so directed should be properly managed and unidirectional in approach. All the services should be properly integrated and supplementary to each other. The implementation must be in such a way which infuses trust in general public and is accepted thoroughly by the masses.

Doing all this for the population as vast as India and managing it properly is a gigantic task. The only way to perform it properly is to do it willingly and with right intentions. The workforce employed in this task must be so trained and motivated that they are empathetic towards the people and the mission.

Updated on: 21-Apr-2022


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