6 Simple Ways to Transfer your Mobile Contacts

Each time when you buy a new phone, after considering significant factors such as budget, features, sleek design, size as well as platform, you have another task at hand, that is to copy phone numbers from your existing phone to the new one as well as other contact information.

There are different ways to transfer contacts from one phone to another. You can opt any one of them listed below.

Transferring from SIM card

When your old mobile address book is comparatively smaller, and you only wish to copy the phone numbers to your new mobile phone, then simply use your SIM card.

You just need to copy the phone numbers from the old mobile phone‘s memory to your Sim card, insert this Sim Card into your new phone and later copy the phone numbers in your new Phone’s memory.

Most phones such as Nokia have the option of “copy contacts to the Sim”. You are required to put the Sim card in the new phone and choose “copy contacts from Sim to phone or similar, and you will find that contacts would be copied.

The single problem with SIM transfer is that you can move only 300 contacts at one go. Also, you might find that, contacts having bigger name might get truncated.

Transfer using Desktop Computer

Incase if you are unable to copy contacts using Sim Card or Bluetooth, then you can use a computer to transfer contacts between two mobiles.

The phone contacts from one mobile can be transferred to the computer with the help of data cable or using Bluetooth. Once the computer detects the mobile, go to your mobile contacts and then on your computer save the contacts in a file after which the same can be transferred to your new mobile phone. In case, you wish to use bluetooth, then open the contact list then mark the contact, you wish to transfer then Select” Send Name Card and then choose Bluetooth” click send. The mobile would then search for the devices. Select the mobile you wish to send the contact, that’s all; your contacts would be now transferred to another mobile.

The mobile would then search for the devices. Select the mobile you wish to send the contact, that’s all; your contacts would be transferred to another mobile.

This mode is good only for transferring basic phone numbers, but if your address book consists long names, email address and other details of your contacts, then you require some software to help you with the transfer process.

In case, you have a Nokia mobile, and you have brought a Blackberry or an iPhone, and then you might use Nokia’s Ovi Suite application in order to copy your phone’s address book to Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer.

Over the Air, Transfer Phonebook

If you have brought the internet enabled mobile phone, you can very easily copy contacts from your old mobile to the new one over the air without even requiring a computer.

An online service called Mobical is free, and it does work with mobile phones like Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and so on. You will be required to setup Mobical on your old mobile phone, and it would create a backup on your phone contacts in the cloud. Now setup Mobical on the new mobile using the same credentials and it would automatically download all the contacts from the cloud to your new phone.

We find that, android based mobile phone can sync with Google contacts out of the box, which can then be exported to Google contacts out as CSV file and then copy it to any other phone manually through the desktop tools. HTC even does offer a desktop utility called HTC sync that you may use to synchronize Outlook contacts with your Android phone. This would be handy when you wish to copy your HTC’s phone book to another phone that is not web enabled.

Google Sync, a cloud-based service that works with Blackberry, iPhone Nokia and various other mobile that are SyncML capable. Google Sync can keep your phone’s address book in sync with your Google contacts. Therefore, if you now install Google sync on both your old as well as new phone, they will have same book entries automatically.

Transfer through Memory Card

You can very well transfer contacts by backing up or saving contacts to your memory card. Then the memory card can be inserted in your new phone and restored. This particular option is available only in mobile such as Samsung, which does allow you to backup onto the memory card.By using the above techniques, the individuals can update their new phone with all the contacts.

Transfer through PC Suite

Phone contacts can also be transferred using their phone’s PC suite. For example, the Nokia PC Suite, Samsung Kies, PC Suite, Sony Ericsson. You must have received a copy of this particular software with your mobile, or you can very well download from the mobile manufacturer’s website. By using Phone’s PC suit, copy the contacts from your existing phone and save it on your new mobile.

From the PC Suite Syncing to Outlook

One more method, by simply using the sync software for your old mobile to copy the contacts from your old phone into Microsoft Outlook. Then later use the sync software for your new mobile to copy your contacts from outlook into your new mobile.

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