The Importance of Computer Education in Rural Areas

The complete picture of the rural areas can be revolutionized if we can manage sufficient amount of computer services penetration there. It is anyway a very major form of discrimination against the lesser privileged in rural areas as they have lesser functional knowledge of computer and more and more services are computer based today.

Therefore it is very important that every male and women, married or unmarried is provided with sufficient opportunities to learn computer operations and take complete advantage of the situation.

Indian Scenario

It is also very important for a country having demographic denominations like India as still today a major proportion of population resides in rural locations only. There is roughly a 60 percent of population engaged in agriculture work and with even the slightest of technological input the production can increase gigantically.

Impact on rural economic structure

Further talking about peasants only we find that the main problem in front of these hard working rural people are the unavailability of the proper markets and presence of middleman. Both these factors are dependent on information and understanding majorly. With only a little input in this segment can yield great outputs. It will have manifestations in the mission to eradicate the poverty too.

Government efforts

Although the meteorological department of India is employing very advanced methodologies like surveying the fields and waters with the help of satellites and compiling an exhaustive information over the resources and possible productivity. But unfortunate fact is that these fruits are not able to percolate down to the level of the normal peasant which should be getting benefit from these. All this remains confined till the policy documents only and does not yield benefits it should be providing.

There are various factors which are aggravating the scenario including the indifferent attitude of the authorities and unwillingness to learn the technology because of proper direction. There are segments of society where modern technology is deemed to be evil as it has reduced the employment opportunities they used to get.

There are other economic activities besides farming which may benefit with the help of the technological advancement observed in the field of computers. There have been positive efforts in this regard too.

Various government and non-government authorities have made contribution in different capacities. In the private initiatives e-Chaupal initiative launched by ITC is very appreciable. It is a knowledge centre based infrastructural service. Farmers and other rural residents may get information and avail various services with the help of the Sanchalak who operates the centre.

There are numerous government initiatives too. They are even larger in scope and operations but due to the careless attitude of the authorities who are supposed to implement those they are less effective.

Overall situation and importance of improvement

Overall there can be no doubt that for India to grow in present situation it is very necessary that computer infrastructure and knowledge base is expanded and increased. It is very critical because the targeted segment is the poor segment of the society. It will help the country to grow and most importantly it will help the country to grow inclusively. There has already been sufficient delay in this regard and more delay in this regard will push India into a situation which will be very hard to overcome.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest