Technical SEO For Franchise Websites: Tips And Best Practices

Any company website should adhere to several general search engine optimization (SEO) practices. However, franchise brand websites must clear a few hurdles before optimizing for search engines and thoroughly nailing SEO.

Because the same business has several sites, you must balance making each site unique while maintaining the same brand image and messaging.

A web design firm with e-Commerce site experience, such as WebCitz, could assist firms in navigating the difficulty. After all, it's not something you should figure out by trial and error. However, after you've read up on the issue, you'll better understand how to approach each franchise's website.

What Exactly Is Franchise SEO?

Franchise SEO is a collection of measures aimed at increasing the search engine visibility of franchise websites, which promote an overarching brand while also providing localized pages for different company locations. Scaling keyword research, establishing localized landing pages, and deleting duplicate content are all strategies.

In general, franchise SEOs must consider scalable tactics, local page quality, and frequent technological challenges on these sorts of sites. Here are some pointers and best practices for managing a franchise site.

Employ Consistent Branding

What can you anticipate if you visit many franchises of the same brand? A new location but has the same logo and, presumably, the same level of service.

It's the same with their websites; users should have similar experiences across many sites. This requires more than simply using the same company logo and product offers; you should also utilize the same typefaces, layout, and general color palette. Design innovation is lovely, but if it occurs on one site, it should occur on all of them.

If your websites are consistent, visitors may become apparent, believe they are in the right place, and depart in search of something more familiar.

Each Franchise Website Should Be Based Locally

On the other hand, the websites should still feel distinct. How do you accomplish this while maintaining the branding? Using local search phrases, advertising business hours for that location, displaying testimonials, providing directions, and incorporating profiles for management employees. Including a map on your website improves your Google Maps SEO, making it easy to identify the location of each franchise.

Employ The Appropriate NAP

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is critical for optimizing local SEO, and you must utilize a similar structure across all websites. First and foremost, do not utilize the corporate NAP; instead, use the franchise-specific NAP.

The corporate NAP might be provided somewhere (for example, in the footer), but it should not compete with the information for the local franchise; doing so will make it clear to consumers. Second, double-check that each site utilizes the same layout; you aren't interested in having phone numbers typed out differently on a handful of the sites, for instance.

Use Location-Related Keywords

There are several keyword tools available to assist you in determining which competitive keywords people use to search for your organization. It is critical to concentrate on local rather than national search phrases. If you don't, you'll optimize your SEO for folks living a thousand miles away from the franchise.

More extensive franchises, on the other hand, may not necessarily be required to do so; some have national websites that automatically send users to the nearest franchise location.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

It might not be easy to manage many blogs for the same brand. You want to stick to a few themes, but you also want to be relevant to the neighbourhood in which each franchise is located. It's better to attempt to be unique with each blog than stick to normal subjects.

This distinguishes them from one another and adds value to the readers. Instead of merely teaching basic themes that may apply to customers from any place, a hair salon franchise should highlight how local weather patterns affect hair care needs.

Create a Google Business Profile Listing

Having your franchise's websites appear on the first page of Google is excellent, but you can do better. If you create a Google Business Profile for each franchise, it will appear at the top of the page when people search for your company - viewers will not even have to click on a link to see vital information about your brand.

This is vital for exposure, but there are other things it does. That each franchise will also be searchable through Google Maps. Because many consumers use Google Maps to find companies rather than putting them into Google, this is another approach to ensure you're getting the word out.

Obtain Listings on Additional Platforms

Creating a Google profile is a significant step, but there are choices.

Businesses are listed on TripAdvisor, Apple Maps, and Yelp. Even though they are national directories, they are also optimized for regional searches. Another possibility is to look for specialist directories for building services, home repair, or expensive restaurants. Finally, plain old-fashioned local directories can help you get more business.

Look for business directories and seasonal periodicals that highlight local businesses. Ideally, every franchise should make use of all available choices. Apple Maps and TripAdvisor are obvious choices, but you may need to do some digging to ensure you're also included in relevant local directories.

Create Local Backlinks

The major challenge here is to avoid acquiring backlinks from competitors. Fortunately, with the correct method, identifying more chances is relatively simple. Rather than seeking businesses similar to your franchisees, consider cooperating with charities, events, organizations, or schools.

A clothes franchise, for example, may collaborate with a charity for needy children, or a restaurant franchise could support pizza day at one of the local schools. You might request a blog post announcing the sponsorship in exchange for your involvement, with a link to the franchise's website.


Optimizing SEO for franchisees is a delicate balance. Each area must feel distinct, yet all support and loop back to the central brain. Your SEO practices may successfully move the brand ahead with the correct blueprint and a proactive approach.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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