How to Save Money When You Shop Online?

Nowadays many people prefer online shopping because it offers more convenience and you get more discounts when compared to retail shopping, but you need to do some research in order to save more. I am sharing few online shopping tips and information on websites which might help you get the best deals.

Online shopping is sometimes tricky. If you are negligent, you could lose few hundred’s or sometimes thousands, but by using simple online shopping tips, you can save more money.

Online Shopping Tips to Save Money

Use comparison shopping, where there are numerous shopping sites in India, hence it might take time and effort to determine as to which site offers the best deal on the product and which you are looking to buy. Few of the comparison shopping sites include, and They provide aggregate prices from varied online retailers for making it easier for comparison of prices.

Discount Coupon Codes

Few of the shopping sites which accepts coupons codes that can be applied during the checkout in order to get a few extra discounts on your bill. Few of the popular sites are and where you might find active coupon codes.

Earn Cashback

Online sites like and CashKaro does offer cashback when you make regular purchases using special links listed on these sites.

Setup Price Alerts

You can use the price tracker to find when the online prices of any item drop. Make a list, of items, which you wish to purchases in a Google Spreadsheet and then the tracker would monitor their prices for you. You can also opt for Amazon’s Junglee to set Price alerts.

Watch deals on Social Web

Popular shopping sites like,, have dedicated pages where you can find offers. You can either monitor these pages or you can put them in your browser bookmarks.

Get more Discounts

When you shop using credit cards online, there is always a chance that you might either receive

  • Shopping coupons or receive special offers from selected merchants
  • Reward points

By using the credit card, when you shop for others, you can get more reward points and others also benefits they pay lower prices and you can make free purchases using the reward points.

Pay with Online Wallets

Wallets such as Mobiwik, PayTM, Oxygen and PayU do offer a good discount on your payments. We find in India, many people do not like to share their debit card number as well as password on the online shopping portals. For them, online wallets are best, pay and earn rewards.

Earn thru Referral

Few portals like Sitaphal, TopCashback and Amazon offers referral programs. On each referral, you earn savings. For example. Amazon refer and earn program. Each friend who signs up using your referral id at and make a purchase of Rs.300 or more, you will receive Rs.200 or your friend would get Rs.100.

Use Different Browser

Not sure, whether Indian sites use “dynamic pricing “ but the incognito mode in your browser it would prevent connecting the dots and they would treat you as a new customer.

Diwali or Christmas Offers

Most of the online stores offer more amount of discount during festivals like Diwali and Christmas. You can take advantage and buy products which you wish to own during Diwali or Christmas.

Mobile App

Few companies provide more benefit if in case you shop using their mobile app. Portals like Flipkart provide extra 1 to 4% more discount when they shop through their app.


Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are highly effective, you can grab special deals. You can make a Twitter list of all the shopping portals and then constantly monitor this list. You can follow the similar action for Facebook and Instagram.

Signup all Sites

Maintain a separate email id, only for shopping and sign up on each of the e-commerce, cash back website and coupon through this id and synchronize it with your mobile email notification. You will also receive notifications about upcoming or last hour deals.

Shop on Weekend and late Evenings

The e-commerce marketers know that most people shop more during weekends or during late evening hours of the weekdays. They provide special deals during these hours.

Shop in Bulk

Few coupon codes work only if you indulge in minimum shopping. For example, you get Rs.500 for a minimum shopping of Rs.2000. They would offer special discount designed specifically for you.

Free Shipping

In case, if you wish to buy products which cost less than the free shipping threshold, put a simple query on your social network addressing to your friends, so that if they have anything to buy, so that they can buy through your account and get everything on your address and later you can hand ,over their purchases. Thus both benefit.

Buy Used or Refurbished Product

You can also save more money by buying used product or refurbished products. The Refurbished products are factory seconds which sometimes are returned by the customers or the showroom.

Interest-Free EMI

During peak season, you would receive interest-free EMI’s on your credit card, thus you need not pay interest, thus you will save more money.

New Portals

You should opt to shop on new portals which offer attractive discount offers. You can also shop for small items (especially low-risk product) or groceries which use these platforms and get a good deal of discount.

Make a Call to the Supplier

By Google Search, you can find a supplier address as well as phone number. Call them and inform them that you are interested to buy the product sold by them and negotiate the price. If they reduce the price, then you can save more money.

Social Web

Follow the twitter users like @DealsforGeeks to grab best online deals at the prices discounted.

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