Things that make you less productive

To enjoy your family life and to maintain your personality; give time to your family, go out with them for lunch and movie, play with them, do exercise, sleep well to refresh your mood, etc. These all things motivate you towards your family and help you setup the everyday goal.

Similarly, to get self-motivation towards your work and to increase productivity, certain things are important,


There is a direct connection between messed room and messed min; both are co-related with each other. If, your room in messed-up (everything lies on the floor, desk, sofa and everywhere in the room) definitely your mind will also get messed/blocked. Messed room also become reason of less concentration; more messed things decreases the concentration more and more.

Your surrounding reflects you brain, how your surrounding is your brain start thinking accordingly, that’s why, before working try to create good environment.

Improper sleep

Spending more time on sleep is not enough, quality should be there. There are many things affect your sleep, but the most is your night light. Your habit matters, when you go to bed; some people having habit to sleep on night light and some without night light, it’s all depends on your habit. If, you get things done how you want at sleep time, it changes your mood. Your change of mood due to proper sleep gives good reflection on your productivity too.

Seasons change

Everybody in this world feels that seasons change our mood. Due to light issue, people who live in colder places suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), in this “SAD” situation people directly go in depression, generally referred as the winter blues. In US 5 – 6% people are affected from this diseases and it is increasing every year which directly change your mood and decreases productivity.

And, in the summer blues people who live near the equator suffer from heat and humidity becomes a cause of depression.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are also a reason of less productivity. People spend too much time on those sites, it is just a curiosity; who get into those sites never want to come back. Some people are so curious that they leave their priority work and spend more and more time on Social networking sites which reduce their productivity.


Due to time limit, people do multitasking that is not good. Multitasking means; people are using their two hands and their brain to do so many task. Doing so many tasks together doesn’t success any single one that reduces our productivity. Multitasking uses our brain without rest that is not good, so try to avoid multitasking.

Working Nonstop

For making strong impression in front of boss, you are working without taking break and handling things more than your capacity. In the initially stage you will enjoy your work but after some time you will really feel tired that definitely reduces your work and your productivity. So, in-between work try to take break of 10-15 minutes and then go back to work.


Everything is important in your life; sleeping, eating, outing, working, etc…, but in average. Doing one thing excessive can take your mind away from other side and reduce other things productivity. So, keep balance in your work that you do in your everyday life.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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