Can you use Bitcoin to buy things in Retail Market?


When Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the Bitcoin, in his introductory post he described Bitcoin as

“I’ve developed a new open source P2P e-cash system Bitcoin. It’s completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust. With e-currency based on cryptographic proof […] money can be secure and transactions effortless.”

Now, over 100,000 merchants all over the world accept Bitcoin for the transactions. Here are some examples −

  • You can use Bitcoin to buy games, movies and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores of Microsoft. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoins since 2014.

  • Starbucks is accepting cryptocurrency from March 2019. Starbucks has partnered with Bakkt, and installedBakkt’s payment software in its stores. Customers can pay using cryptocurrency, and the software immediately converts the digital assets to US dollars and allows the customers to pay for their food and drinks.

  • Some businesses are beginning to accepts Digital currency, such as REEDS Jewelers which has many retail outlets all over the U.S.

  • In Vegas, you can pay through Bitcoins in some Hotels and Casinos.

  • Overstock, an online retailer which is into interior design and sells home décor has started accepting Bitcoin in 2014. They accept more than 60 types of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ether, andLite coin etc.,

  • Pastebin Pro is a leading online store which allows programmers to store their code snippets which can be used by others also. Pastebin accepts Ether and has given their Ethereum address on the website. You can even pay $20 dollars using a part of Ether.

  • In US many charities are accepting cryptocurrency donations. There is even an altcoin which is called AidCoin specifically designed for charities.

  • Cryptocurrency is being used in US to buy and sell cars and other luxury items.

  • Many VPN providing companies like AirVPN, VikingVPN, TorGuard, and CloakVPN are accepting digital currency without any restrictions.

More and more big companies around the world are tilting towards digital cash for its effortless transactions and security. As of now the major retailers like Walmart and Amazon have not yet started with that, but there are many online stores which are accepting digital currency without any problem.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25