Technical SEO For Podcasts: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you feel like the conventional strategies you've tried to improve your website's search engine rankings have fallen short?

Do you feel it's getting harder to find backlinks through guest blogging? Want to have more one-on-one conversations with possible clients?

You can find what you’re looking for in podcasts. You can reach people who are seriously interested in what you say by starting a podcast or appearing as a guest on others'. And you can get the attention of the search engines you need to make a difference with backlinks from associated online profiles.

As podcasters ourselves, we can attest to the medium's potency. A marketer's dream in a world where marketing messages are becoming increasingly watered down: the audience believes what we say.

Can SEO Benefit From Using Podcasts?

Podcast search engine optimization (SEO) is a branch of audio SEO that has seen rapid growth in recent years. It can be used to significantly effect to improve search engine rankings via the use of audio SEO. Podcasts, webinars, and other audio programs have become one of the most successful types of audio SEO.

The number of people who listen to podcasts has increased by 29.5% over the past three years. Due to the wide range of podcast listeners, there is always a market for specialized podcasts.

Most podcast listeners are college-educated millennials, making them a prime target audience for brands and producers.

In response to this trend, Google introduced its own platform for podcast SEO, favouring podcasts that adhere to Google's SEO guidelines. Therefore, podcasts can unquestionably aid in SEO efforts, provided best SEO practices are adhered to.

Tips For Improving Your Podcasts Using Technical SEO

You should implement some basic technical SEO techniques to increase your podcast's visibility and searchability on search engines like Google.

Here are some suggestions for improving the podcast's technical SEO −

  • The title of your podcast should include searchable terms so that it can be found in the results. Doing so will improve your podcast's visibility in search engines.

  • Improve the podcast's description by including pertinent keywords and phrases in a detailed description of your podcast. This will increase your podcast's visibility in search results by giving search engines a better grasp of the content.

  • Metadata, such as tags and categories, can aid search engines in correctly categorizing and indexing your podcast content. This will also improve your podcast's discoverability when users look for content on similar subjects.

  • Rely on transcripts − Make your podcast episodes accessible to readers online by transcribing them. Your podcast will rank higher in search results if search engines can better decipher its content.

  • Use schema markup to give search engines more information about your podcast. The title, synopsis, and episode air date can all be included.

  • Ensure the mobile-friendliness of your website Ensure the mobile-friendliness and speed of your podcast's website are top-notch.

Benefits Of Technical SEO For Podcasts

In this part, we'll go over why technical SEO is so important for podcasts.

Better Placement In Search Results

You can boost your podcast's visibility in search results (SERPs) by optimizing your website and content for search engines. Most people won't bother looking past the first page of search results, so this is crucial. Ranking highly in search engine results pages (SERPs) is a great way to get your podcast in front of new listeners.

Enhanced Natural Search Volume

Metadata, sitemaps, and schema markup are just a few of the technical aspects of SEO for podcasts that can be improved. These components boost your podcast's search engine results by providing search engines with a better knowledge of its content and structure. As a consequence, as more people discover your podcast through search engines, you may experience an increase in organic traffic to your website.

User Satisfaction Increased

Technical SEO is about making your site more user-friendly as well as ranking better in search engines. Users will find and listen to your podcast more easily if your website is designed for mobile devices, loads quickly, and is easy to browse. This, in turn, can result in more active participation and devoted audience members.

Enhanced Recognition Of The Brand

Your podcast's online reputation will improve if people can easily find it through search engines like Google and Bing. Potential sponsorship deals, joint ventures, and promotional alliances with complementary businesses could expand.

Gains In The Long Run

Technical search engine optimization for podcasts is more beneficial in the long run than paid advertising. You can benefit for months or even years from optimizing your podcast's website and content for search engines.

Submitting Your Podcast To Google Podcasts Will Increase Its Exposure

Submitting your podcast to Google Podcasts can help your search engine optimization (SEO). The fastest way to increase your online visibility is to optimize your Google podcasts for search engines so that you can profit from their audience. You can incorporate them into your RSS feed to have podcast excerpts appear in search results.

Podcast SEO is here to stay for the long haul, especially now that Google is paying more attention to them. When making your podcast, ensure the content and sound quality come first. This is the key to establishing rapport with your target demographic. Instead of written content, podcasts allow you to humanize your brand and foster connections with your audience.


Technical SEO is necessary if you want more people to listen to and find your podcast. You can improve your podcast's visibility online, raise brand awareness, and delight your audience by making your site and episodes more search-engine friendly. Your podcast's visibility and search engine rankings can be boosted by submitting it to Google Podcasts.

Technical search engine optimization for podcasts is a crucial facet of podcasting that should not be disregarded. You can grow your podcast into a successful and sustainable brand by devoting time and energy to optimizing it for search engines like Google and Bing. Henceforth, you should adopt technical SEO for Podcasts.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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