The Best Fat-Burning Exercises at Home and the Gym

Burning fat is directly linked with weight loss as it leads to the breakdown of excess fat in your body. Moreover, there are many health benefits associated with low body fat. People with excess body fat are more prone to conditions like obesity, which in turn comes with an increased risk of health hazards like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In one of our subsequent sections, we will understand a few exercises that can be worked out at home and at the gym.

Fat-burning Exercises

Apart from eating healthy, exercising is one of the most common ways to improve your body fluidity and movement. Lack of exercise and less movement of the body can lead to stiffness and less flexibility in your bodily movements. Plus, it burns excess fats and this plays a major role in weight loss for obese people who wants to lose weight.

Benefits of Fat-burning Exercises

In addition to helping, you lose weight, exercise has many other benefits −

  • Increased energy levels and improved mood, stronger bones, and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases.

  • High-intensity workouts like strength and resistance training or cardiovascular or aerobic exercise (called cardio) help in burning excess fat. It also reduces inflammation throughout the body and keeps the metabolism healthy.

  • Also, in High-Intensity Interval training (HIIT), there is a drastic change in with the afterburn effect and oxygen consumption rate. When you are at this highly pumped stage, your body uses extra oxygen to restore the normal state which boosts your metabolism and leads to the burning of fats.

Home Exercises for Burning Fat

Let us now take a look at the exercises that can be performed at home to burn fat.

High Knees

Start with a standing pose, lift your left knee close to your chest. Now switch your legs so your right knee is now pulled into your chest. Keep doing this with both of your knees alternating one by one and move your arms in a motion, with your left arm lifting with your right leg and your right arm lifting with your left leg.

Jumping Jacks

In this exercise, you've to stand in an upright position with both your arms resting at the sides of your body. Bend your knees and jump with your feet so they’re a little more than shoulder-width apart. At the same time, open your arms out and clap or touch both of your palms over your head. Then return your body to the starting position and repeat it for 30 seconds or more.


In this exercise, you've to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Firstly, do a squat by lowering your knees and putting your hands on the ground in front of your legs, and jumping so that you turn in a plank position. Then again jump to be back on your feet near your hands and take a full jump straight up into the air. Repeat until you're exhausted.

Mountain Climbers

As the name suggests, place your hands on the ground so that you’re in a position similar to the climbing one, then try to incline your body using your hands. Bring one knee to your chest and then bring it back. Follow the step by bringing the other knee in and straightening it back out again until you're done.

Leg Raises

Simply lie on the ground or mat with your feet out straight like in a sleeping position. Then raise your legs in the air both at the same time while keeping your back flat on the ground. Make a 90-degree angle with your legs and your chest and put your legs down and again repeat.

Exercises That Can Be Done at the Gym

We will now discuss a few exercises that can be performed at the gym.

Jumping Rope

The most basic piece of equipment present in the gym can give you a full body workout resulting in fat burning. If you think jumping ropes are kid's play, try high-intensity interval (HIIT) routines with the rope.

Start jumping by increasing your speed skipping form for short period. Once you master the basics, go for an extended period and go on testing your limits.


A heavy lifting workout that is a massive fat burner technique is the deadlift. This exercise makes your whole body involved in the workout.

If you engage your body core to stabilize your spine and use your glutes and hamstrings to the weight off the floor and move slowly through each rep.

Battle ropes

These are high-intensity workouts that challenge you to use your whole body to swing, slam and move while squatting, lunging, and jumping so be ready to ramp up your heart rate and burn through fat during this exercise.

Walking lunge

The lunge is a standard leg exercise that moves and stretches every muscle in your leg. Try moving by engaging your core, chest up, and your eyes forward while using and alternating both legs.

Farmer's carry

Loaded carries are so simple that the exercise might seem too obvious to be the most common option for a fat burner. Grab a set of dumbbells and correct your posture, grip on your handles and engage your glutes and core, keep your eyes forward, and make sure that you don't slouch.


Well, we have got to mention this. Walking, the humblest of all exercises can do wonders for fat burning too. Fat-burning exercises help with metabolism and that is how there is an increase in fat-burning. Consider incorporating the above exercises into your daily regime. Unless your health expert asks you to refrain, it is no time to slouch, you have got to get up from the couch and get your body moving to burn fats on the go.

Updated on: 10-Mar-2023


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