Tesults - View Test Results

Tesults provides three views into overall test results and one detailed test case view.

Results View

The results view is the primary way to view test results for a test run. All of the test cases for a test run are displayed and grouped by test suite.

If you have hundreds or thousands of test results, you can use the test suite collapse and expand buttons on the side to make navigating easier.

There are controls available to change the view. You can use these to −

  • Change view type − results, summary, supplemental

  • Change project − if you have multiple projects

  • Change target − if you have multiple targets

  • Change test run − you can select older test runs

  • Search − useful if you have hundreds or thousands of test cases to search for a specific test case

  • Sort by − you can choose to sort results by suite, result (pass/fail) and test name

  • Refresh results − you can either click the refresh icon to manually refresh or enable auto refresh which will frequently refresh the view

The results view lists the total number of passes, fails, the total number of test cases and number of test cases by test suite.

Results View

Supplemental View

The supplemental view is most useful for quickly finding out which test cases are new fails, old or continuing fails and new passes. Rather than having to figure this out in the results view, the supplemental view makes this information easily available by automatically comparing the latest results with previous test runs.

Supplemental View

Summary View

The summary view is useful if you have many targets (test jobs). You can see the latest results from your whole project in this one view to find out whether there are specific areas that need attention.

Summary View

Test Case Detail

In the results view, you can click on any test case to see detailed information about it. A test case specific view appears with fields including −

  • Name

  • Description

  • Result

  • Suite − This is the test suite the test case belongs to

  • Failure reason − If the test case has failed

  • Files − Files can be viewed here. Logs, screen captures and some csv files can be viewed inline within the window, other files can be downloaded

  • Link − A direct link to this test case

  • Associated bugs − Bugs from JIRA or other bug management systems that are linked to the test case

  • Task − Used to assign the test case to a colleague, useful for, if a test case has failed and someone should be looking into it

  • History − Displays the previous results of the same test case

  • Comments − Comments specific to a test case can be added

By using the three high level views and the test case detail view, it is possible to get a complete understanding of test results.

Test Case Detail