Tesults - Project Configuration


You can use the configuration menu to apply changes that can affect your project.

Click ‘Config’ from the menu to open the configuration menu.



One of the most important things you can do from this menu is create and edit targets. Targets correspond to test jobs, so for every test run you want to report results with Tesults you need to create a corresponding target.

Click ‘Create Target’ to create a target.

You can also edit the target name here and also regenerate the target token here.

If you have many targets you can also modify the order they appear in the Summary view and also in dropdown selection lists from here.

You can delete targets here too.

Team Members

Add and edit team members by clicking ‘Team Members’. The previous section talked about adding team members in detail.


You can choose to enable and disable notifications by clicking ‘Auto Notifications’. You can choose whether to send notifications after every test run or only if the results have changed. The second way helps reduce spamming of results data when nothing has changed.

Integration with other Services

The configuration menu is also where you can integrate your projects with external services like Slack. For Slack, you can setup notifications to be sent to specific Slack channels for the whole project or for different Tesults targets.

Click ‘Slack Channels’ to configure which Slack channels should receive notifications.


You can change your plan type by clicking ‘Plan’. For this tutorial we created a free project.

Results Consolidation by Build

If you run parallel test runs but the results should be consolidated as a single test run, you can enable consolidation by clicking the ‘Results Consolidation by Build’ link from the configuration menu. Then, if the build name for a test run matches the build name for another test run, all the results are consolidated so that you see everything in one test run.

Delete Project

To delete your project, click Delete Project from the configuration menu.