Tesults - Overview


Software development teams have to understand the failures that have been identified from testing. They need to understand what test cases were run and what the reasons for the failures were and whether any regression or decline in quality has occurred.

Test reporting for both automated and manual testing, as well as managing of test cases is an important part of the development and testing tools stack. Ideally, test cases and test results should be easily accessible for all test runs.

Tesults is a web-based test results and test case management application. The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to setup your tests to report results using Tesults and explain how to use the analysis and reporting features that are available.

Features of Tesults

Key features of Tesults are as follows −

  • Test results reporting
  • Test case management
  • Consolidation of test results from parallel test jobs into a single run
  • Consolidation of test results from across an application or project
  • Notifications of results by email and other services such as Slack
  • Storage of test generated data such as logs and screenshots.
  • Assignment of test cases to team members
  • Bug linking
  • Flaky test indicator
  • Test case comments
  • Testing collaboration
  • Performance data charting

Free and Paid Pricing

Tesults is commercial service with paid plans that teams can subscribe to. It provides a free project plan to use for evaluation. The free project has no time limit and can be used for as long as you want.

However, the free project is limited in a number of ways compared to the paid projects, most notably only one target (targets are explained in the next section) is provided and the number of test cases is limited to 100 for each test run.

For some open source projects, individuals and educators, and small teams getting started, Tesults provides discounted or even free offerings if requested by email as mentioned on their pricing page so even for teams that have no budget Tesults can be used.