Tesults - Integrations with Other Services

Tesults can integrate with Slack to deliver notifications based on test results. The roadmap page also mentions integration with PagerDuty coming and there may be others in the future but for this tutorial we focus on the Slack integration specifically.

Click ‘config’ from the menu bar to access the configuration menu and then click Slack.


The first step is to authorize Tesults to be able to send messages to your Slack channels. To do this, you must be logged in to Slack and Tesults. Then click the ‘Add’ button as sown below −

Slack Channels

You are sent to Slack to authorise.

After confirmation you return to Tesults and then can choose to enable notifications by ‘project scope’ or ‘target scope’.

Project Scope

Project scope allows you to choose which Slack channel or channels should receive your test results notifications. All notifications from any target will be sent to the channels you select.

Target Scope

If you want more fine grain control, select target scope.

Now, you can choose the target from your Tesults project and assign the Slack channel or channels you want to receive notifications for from a specific target. You can do this for every target.

This can be useful if you have Slack channels for different environments or project areas that should get more targeted notifications.