TestRail - Copy/Move Test Cases


In order to rearrange and organize test cases and suits, moving and copying test cases and entire sections is very useful. It also helps to duplicate the test suites and test cases.

There are two ways to copy and move test cases within TestRail.

  • Copy/Move within same test suite
  • Copy/Move from another test suite

Copy/Move within test suite

  • To move test case or entire section from one position to another, use drag and drop.

  • When the cursor moves at the extreme left side of the test case, icon changes as a drag and drop.

  • User can hold and click left mouse button and drag the test case into desired location as shown below

Move Test Case.jpg
  • Release the mouse click at desired location, it will ask which action need to perform- Move here, Copy here or Cancel.

  • User can choose between Move and Copy as per requirement.

Following screenshot shows how to move/copy

Move And Copy
  • To move or copy the section, user can use right side folder structure of sections and perform the same action as above.

Move Or Copy The Section

Copy/Move from another test suite

User can use this feature to duplicate entire test suite or test cases or sections.

Following steps should perform to move/copy test suite or section from another test suite

  • Go to Test Cases tab and click on Copy/Move test cases icon present at tool bar.

Move Or Copy Test Suite
  • It will open the wizard where user can select Source Project.

  • User can also select whether all section needs to move/copy or only test cases.

  • After selection click on Copy or Move button. Following screenshot displays the move/copy wizard

Move Or Copy Wizard