TestRail - Add A Project


To add a project, a user must have an Admin role. In the bottom, Create Project icon displays the procedure how to add a project when user brings the cursor there.

Create a Project

While adding a project into TestRail, the first step is to login as Administrator and Go to the main Dashboard page where all projects are listed. The 1st screen after logging into TestRail.

Click on Add Project button present at right side as displayed in below screenshot

Create A Project

It opens add project form where user needs to enter details in following fields

  • Name − Project Name

  • Announcement − If any announcement for the project like release date, start date etc

User can click the checkbox to display announcement at Project Overview page. Select the type of repository based on project and manage cases.

Project Overview Page

Now click on Add Project as shown below

Add Project

Optionally, user can add details about access to the project as well. To add access details go to next tab and select Default Access as shown in below screenshot

Access Details

Similarly, user can add details into Defects and References tab. After clicking on Add Project, successful message displays and project gets listed as shown in below screenshot There is Edit and Delete button as well to edit project details and delisted to the project.

Successful Message