Technical SEO For News Websites: A Comprehensive Guide

It takes more than stringing the ideal combination of words together to rank your content on Google or drive targeted visitors to your news website or portal. You should optimize your content to achieve higher rankings. Higher visibility results in the elevation of the news site due to high rank.

A consistent stream of new content and distinctive Google features like Top Stories are advantageous for news websites. However, there are other ways that SEO for news websites is distinct. It is not enough to publish news content. Additionally, it needs to rank on Google and send visitors to your website.

Include Timeless Content In Your News Portal

Your primary method of operation as a news website is to write about current topics.

However, 90% of the time when you write about timely subjects, your articles will be forgotten quickly. Traffic to your content will initially increase, but it will then start to decline over time.

You must be sensitive to the ebbs and flows of what resonates when handling news. And you must continue to publish new content if you want to constantly generate high levels of traffic.

But what if you could maintain the website's fundamental traffic model while bringing in a more steady flow of visitors? It can be achieved by adding timeless content to the news website.

Timeless content is those content that stays relevant for longer periods.

Ensure That The Content Of The News Site Shows Up On Google News

Having your content displayed in Google News is crucial.

Review the content rules for inclusion to ensure that your website conforms with Google's requirements. Most reputable news sources already adhere to these guidelines.

Next, check the technical specifications for inclusion to ensure Google can crawl your website and identify which of your pages are news items.

Once everything appears to be in order, ask Google to examine your website. Typically, it takes about three weeks to get the website approved.

Once your website receives approval, keep providing quality material.

Most basic SEO concepts used in organic search are also utilized by Google News.

You will rank higher and receive more Google News visitors if you exhibit industry authority, keyword optimization, originality, and social media sharing.

Focus On Clear Structure

Because they are vast and naturally expanding, news sites might be difficult for SEO growth.

Maintaining the architecture of your website is essential for keeping it simple for search engines to crawl and simple for readers to navigate.

Prioritization is key. Consider whether the tags and categories you are using on your website are beneficial for you.

Are the tags and categories you are employing of value? You need to use enough tags and categories for readers to quickly locate what they're looking for.

If you have multiple tags with only a few articles each, it might be more beneficial to combine them into fewer pages with more content.

The likelihood that all of the pages on your website will be indexed by search engines increases with how shallow your website is. They experience it as they navigate through links on various pages. It will be helpful to keep your labeling system organized.

Pagination can be inserted instead of "next" and "previous" buttons at the bottom of each page. It helps enhance the news website’s structure. It makes it simpler to navigate to specific pages without having to first slog through unrelated ones.

The Importance Of Mobile Usability

In today’s times, mobile usability is vital. This is even more pivotal for the news websites.

The majority of people in today's time use their smartphones to access the news. Your website must at the very least be built utilizing responsive design, which adapts your layout to any screen size a viewer is using.

You might also want to implement AMP, a publishing technique that eliminates formatting and speeds up page loading for mobile consumers.

Optimizing The Crawl Speed Of The News Site

When there is breaking news, you want Google to immediately crawl and index your pages.

People will not hang around while a website loads slowly, especially now that they have many new options.

Luckily, a number of SEO factors can help with crawl speed, including XML sitemaps, hosting performance, and site speed. However, handling news sitemaps differently from regular sitemaps is not an option. Google has defined several essential requirements for sitemaps in the news vertical.

First, limit the URLs in your sitemap to 1,000 or fewer. Of course, by dividing the URLs into separate sitemaps, you can include more, but watch out for your sitemap index file's capacity of 50,000 sitemaps or less.

To keep Googlebot engaged, you'll also need to regularly update your news sitemap with new items as they are released.

But instead of creating a new sitemap for each of these new article URLs when you post them, update your current sitemap. Only the most recent two days' worth of news will be included in your sitemap, and each article will stay in the news index for a full 30 days.

Use Non-Google Plugins While Creating Your Sitemap, To Finish

Using the Google Sitemap Generator will result in URLs being included that don't relate to your unique news items. Crawl speed will also be favorably impacted by how frequently you publish on your website, which makes sense.

Googlebot will visit your website more frequently if it constantly discovers fresh information there with each crawl.

Another thing to keep in mind is that quality and quantity are not necessarily the same.

Make sure your content is worthwhile. Your quality material may go unread if you publish too much or too little content since Googlebot will use its limited crawl budget on your unimportant pages.

Always steer clear of duplicate content, and use robots.txt/robots meta to restrict undesired pages for the best crawl speed.


News websites function differently than other websites. Breaking news stories with a short shelf life draw the vast majority of website visits. If you abide by these suggestions, your news website will be more optimized and will consequently draw more visitors and readers.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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