Symptoms of Pregnancy: What happens first?

The mystery about the onset of pregnancy is the common symptoms like morning sickness or nausea that do not apply to everybody. The home pregnancy test confirms it for sure. Why go in for the test unless the pregnancy is planned and expected? Missing a period is generally considered a certainty about pregnancy. Still, several reasons, like stress, could result in missing a period. Isn’t it better to be certain early so prenatal care can commence? Prenatal vitamins combine minerals like iron and folic acid with vitamins to enhance the foetus’s growth.

Recognition of Bodily Changes in Pregnancy

Signs vary drastically from person to person and are hard to generalize. Are the breasts tender with greater urination frequency and devastating fatigue? Some symptoms could be similar to other medical situations and even resemble the monthly pre-menstrual condition. Getting stressed could result in a missed period. Losing or gaining weight also leads to missed periods. While breastfeeding, the period may halt. Avoid jumping to conclusions too soon. A doctor would deliver the correct advice during stress and uncertainty.

Hormonal Changes Usher in Pregnancy

When pregnancy commences, the embryo has grown less than an inch in two months. Drastic hormonal changes have started from conception. Among them, estrogen, progesterone, and human chorionic gonadotrophin increase rapidly. The home pregnancy test measures hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin in the urine. It is usually correct two days before the expected period. The problem is with women who experience irregular periods. If the result comes negative, repeat the test the following morning with the first urine. Test again a few days later if the test is negative and the period has yet to commence.

How Does Early Pregnancy Feel?

Can the woman feel the onset of pregnancy? Yes, and No! Some say that they can feel pregnant within days of conception. Others do not feel pregnant even weeks after a positive test. Pregnancy symptoms differ between persons, and the same person may have differences between pregnancies! Set the mind and heart at rest through a home pregnancy test. The test kits are available without a prescription at the medical store.

Watch Out For Ten Early Warning Signs


The causes could be cold, and flu, but headaches occur early in pregnancy. Consider a few other symptoms, too, in deciding about the chances of pregnancy. Start relaxing and sleeping well. Yoga and meditation do a lot to minimize stress, and medications do help. Keep well hydrated with lots of fluids.

Implantation Leads to Cramps

When the embryo settles in the uterus, mild cramps happen in the abdomen, lower back, and pelvis. It happens early in pregnancy. It can hardly be called pain but more of an uneasy feeling. Severe pain on only one side could indicate a complication like ectopic pregnancy, and a meeting with the doctor would be required.

Somewhat Higher Body Temperature

Recording daily temperatures might help understand the slight rise at rest or ovulation. The rise may be a degree. According to one authority, no specific temperature could be cited. The temperature rises at ovulation and falls soon if no fertilization occurs. If the slightly higher temperature remains high for 18 days, it might indicate pregnancy. Check the temperature early in the morning at the same time before rising.

Mood Changes

In early pregnancy, perhaps during the first trimester, moods change. Hormonal changes result in mood changes. Brain chemicals that control moods are changing. Stress and weariness are other likely changes. Though mood changes need not bother the pregnant person, hopefully, it will not get worse in depression or suicidal thoughts. Visit a doctor if something like that happens.

Slight Bleeding Due to Implantation

Usually considered a sign of the approaching period, the slight bleeding represents a fertilized egg landing in the uterus. That is quite normal at the onset of pregnancy. Research indicates that 25% of women experience such spotting. Appearing brownish or red and continuing for weeks, perhaps, the bleeding might commence a week or later after the conception.

Repeated Urinating

Not only in later pregnancy with a big foetus pressing on the bladder but early too. Pregnant women urinate more in the first few weeks. The increasing hCG hormone results in more blood flowing to the pelvis. The result of the extra blood is frequent urination. It could be a urinary infection, too, if the pain is experienced and dark urine. Check it out.

The Exhausted Feeling

Weariness may set in within a week of conception. Partly it is the increasing hormones and the body preparing to house and nourish the baby for a long duration. Blood flows to the fetus. The pregnant body is taxed with many duties that bring tiredness. Take more regular naps and rest the feet at a height.

Sensitive And Painful Breasts

The milk ducts are preparing to nourish the baby on the way! Hormone changes bring about the biologically nourishing milk supply. Sore boobs are also felt before the period. Breast tissue may expand, and the nipples may darken too.


Morning sickness is inappropriate since nausea and vomiting can also happen during the day. Such symptoms usually start some weeks after conception. The entire pregnancy could witness nausea and vomiting. Expect it to reduce after the first trimester. Change eating habits and delete the foods that cause nausea. Very severe cases are few and may need hospital restoration of fluids.

Desire or Distaste For Foods

Changing food perceptions are common during pregnancy in half the cases. In early pregnancy, the craving may be for sweets, fruits, desserts, and chocolate. Some want salty foods.

Get tested for pregnancy appropriately rather than leave it to chance or listen to rumors. Among less frequent indications are a random metallic taste in the mouth as if some coins are inside. Dizziness could occur. A baby bump will come much later, but hormones could cause bloating in the stomach. Skin changes occur, with some getting clear skin while others get pimples. Face the situation calmly and seek the advice of medical professionals for the best chances of the little being on the way.

Updated on: 04-Jan-2023


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